Cognitive & Physical Wellness

Cognitive & Physical Stimulation


At our adult day care centers, our RNs, LPNs, personal care assistants, activities staff, and therapists are dedicated to helping our members enjoy safe and productive days while returning to the comfort and familiarity of home at night.

Recognizing the importance of cognitive and physical stimulation in sustaining the health and happiness of our members, Active Day centers offer a wide variety of customized therapeutic activities designed to keep our members active and engaged throughout the day while providing respite for family caregivers.

Our fitness programs help our members build strength, flexibility and balance through ability-appropriate exercises. We also offer enrichment activities, such as painting, ceramics, wood crafts and cooking, that improve hand-eye coordination, provide outlets for creative expression and build self-esteem. By engaging in word puzzles, reminiscing exercises and discussions of subjects like art, history, music and current events, members receive cognitive stimulation that enhances mental acuity and memory function. In addition, games and monthly outings to the theater, restaurants, museums and parks offer opportunities for both group and one-on-one social interaction.

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