Cost-Effective Alternative - Active Day / Senior Care

Cost-Effective Alternative

Active Day adult day care centers offer many distinct advantages and the most cost-effective option for long-term care. While costs differ based on care level and geographic region, nationwide averages* show that the annual costs for adult day health services are significantly less than those for other long-term care options.

Comparison of Care Alternatives

Adult Day Care

Assisted Living

Home Care

Nursing Homes

Live at home with family and loved ones

Social opportunities with peers under caring supervision

Nursing care available as needed during the day

Flexibility to receive care only on days when needed

Participation in therapeutic activities for body and mind

Medications monitored and supervised daily

Dietitian oversees meal plan and eating is monitored daily

Transportation provided with door-to-door assistance


Designed for seniors

Designed for adults of any age with intellectual or developmental disabilities

24-hour care available

Estimated aggregate amount spent in U.S.
(estimated $ in billions)


In many cases, our services may be paid in part or in full by Medicaid, Veterans Administration or private long-term care insurance, although coverage varies by state and policy. Keep in mind as well that out-of-pocket expenditures may qualify as a tax-deductible medical expense.

For more information, use our Center Locator to contact the Active Day / Senior Care adult day care center nearest you.