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Spring Into Summer At Laurel Springs (General Calendar)

June 2016 General CalendarCool Snoopy

See What’s In Store For June In Laurel Springs (Memory Lane Calendar)

June 2016 Memory Lane CalendarIce Cream Snoopy

Active Day of Somerset’s, “June Yard Sale”!!

Great News

Owensboro – May 2016

Hello Everyone,

 We have a great month of activities planned. We have already celebrated Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Nurses Week and the KY Derby. One would think that is enough for one month, we don’t agree. We still have Memorial Day to celebrate on Monday  May 30, 2016.  Join us for a great day of Bingo, BBQ and a cookout.


I’ve attached a copy of the activity calendar and lunch menu. Just in case you don’t have your copy

May 2016 activity and lunch

KONA ICE Returns

008KONA ICE has returned to Active Day of Ashland for the summer.  The owners support the efforts of the Active Day Alzheimer’s Walk team by refunding a percentage of the purchases made during their visits to us.  If you spot the colorful van at 6938 US 60 please stop in and join us in supporting this local business and the Alzheimer’s Association’s efforts.  They have soooo many flavors available and sugar free too!

Locally, if you shop the Town Center Mall in Ashland through May 22, please take your sales receipts to the information desk and the staff will give credit for the Ashland Walk to End Alzheimer’s scheduled for October 1 in Central Park.

Senior Care Of Laurel Springs Gives A New Meaning To “I Before E” In Recognition Of Nurse’s Week!

5-11-16 5-11-16b


5-11-16d 5-11-16e

Senior Care Of Laurel Springs celebrates Nurse’s Week with Ice Cream (w/ all of the fixings) and

entertainment with the AMAZING Frank Virelli!

Active Day of Somerset’s, “National Nurses Appreciation Week”!!

NDay 5-12-16 (2) NDay 5-12-16 (4) NDay 5-12-16 (5) NDay 5-12-16 (8) NDay 5-12-16 (10) NDay 5-12-16 (11) NDay 5-12-16 (12) NDay 5-12-16 (13) NDay 5-12-16 (14) NDay 5-12-16 (16)












Everyone, at Active Day Of Somerset, Shares a Deep Love and Appreciation for Our Nurses, and I Know Our Nurses Feel the Same Way About Us.

They Sincerely Cried Today During Their Surprise Recognition with Posters, Gifts and Lots of Hugs.

We Praise God For Both Of Them And For Our Loving Family At Active Day Of Somerset. “To God Be the Glory”!!

Happy Nurses Week

Our Florence Nightingales of BridgetonMay 6-12 is National Nurses Week.  We celebrated Nurses Day at Bridgeton with gifts and lots of hugs and kisses.  Some of our members made speeches and they all agreed.   Where would we be if it wasn’t for “Our Nurses.”  They take care of us, they watch over us and they love us.  It takes a special person to be a nurse and we at Bridgeton know that we are blessed to have Anne Marie, Jen and Pat on our staff.  Happy Nurses Day to all our Special Nurses at Senior Care and all the other nurses in the world who help us with our special needs.  We LOVE you all!

In Memory of Florence Nightingale

NB Active Day is always fun!

The staff at Active Day NB loves to goof around with our members!  



May 2016





We have so much happening in May!  


The weather is getting nicer, so we are excited to get outside to relax, play games and do some gardening!


We’re looking forward to another farm animal visit, singers, ice cream socials, a dance, several parties and our Memorial Day cookout!  


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may general

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