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Come See the Summer Events at Senior Care of Broomall!!!

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Summer is Sizzling this August at Senior Care of Broomall!!!

Gold August 2014 Calendar

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Crazy Hair Day at Russellville Active Day

101_3727 101_3726 Crazy Hair Day2 Crazy Hair Day Tracy2 Crazy Hair Day Gerald Crazy Hair Day DeWayne Crazy Hair Day Christy Crazy Hair Day Chicken Becky Wendy

Hat Show for Senior Care of the Northeast

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Russellville Active Day participated in United Way Day of Caring…

On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, some of the clients of Russellville Active Day participated in the United Way Day of Caring with a day of fishing at Logan Aluminum…..

Awards4 Awards9 Awards10 Awards11 Awards14 Awards16 Awards19 Fishing Billy2 Fishing Charlie2 Fishing Chicken Fishing Dallas Fishing Geneva Fishing Granny Fay Fishing Grinter3 Fishing Joann Fishing Jones2 Fishing Kenneth2 Fishing Leroy Fishing Paul Fishing Pie2 Fishing Stephanie Fishing Wes Fishing5 Fishing8 Fishing19 Fishing21 Fishing33

Don’t Miss the Last Week in July at Center City!!!

End of July Flier

Laurel Springs Helps Anna Perino Celebrate Her 98th Birthday!


                    Anna Perino was awarded a special citation for living an exemplary life. 

Senior Care of Laurel Springs was able to help Anna celebrate her 98th

birthday with style!  What better way than to have the Gloucester Township

Legislature recognize this!

Anna Perino 1


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