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Hat Show for Senior Care of the Northeast

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Russellville Active Day participated in United Way Day of Caring…

On Wednesday, July 23, 2014, some of the clients of Russellville Active Day participated in the United Way Day of Caring with a day of fishing at Logan Aluminum…..

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End of July Flier

Laurel Springs Helps Anna Perino Celebrate Her 98th Birthday!


                    Anna Perino was awarded a special citation for living an exemplary life. 

Senior Care of Laurel Springs was able to help Anna celebrate her 98th

birthday with style!  What better way than to have the Gloucester Township

Legislature recognize this!

Anna Perino 1


4th Of July Celebration

003007On July 3rd Active Day of Ashland celebrated Independence Day by kicking off the morning singing patriotic songs with the accompaniment of our “new” piano, played by Becky, PA.  Everyone enjoyed gathering around and singing familiar songs.  The afternoon turned out to be a beautiful, sunny, breezy time in the courtyard.  S’mores on the grill and sliced watermelon were enjoyed by all. 


August Lunch Menu

~August Menus~

2014 Active Day of Greer Memorial Day

We at Active Day of Greer, honor our fallen Veterans here on Memorial Day but we also celebrate and honor our Living Veterans and give thanks for their service to our country. Our Motto is “Why Wait Till They Are Gone to Tell Them thank You!”  May 26th 2014 was our 6th Annual Veterans Memorial Day Salute!   We honored 6 Veterans on this day. This year was our first year to have a female Veteran and we were honored to have her as a part of Our Active Day Family.

Below are their bio:

Sgt. 1st Class R. Banks       US ARMY

Mr. Banks took Parachute Training at Fort Benning, Ga.  He was a member of the 82nd Airborne Infantry, where thy are proudly know as being able to deploy world-wide within 18 hours of notification to conduct:   1.Forced Entry Parachute Assault     2. Airfield Seizure  3.  Airborne & Air Assault Operations.  He was also a member of the 101st airborne Division, know as the elite “Screaming Eagles”, Fort Campbell, KY.   Mr. Banks served in Vietnam making many jumps into hostile areas where he was in combat.  Mr. Banks was injured and spent many weeks in Japan and Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington, DC.  Mr. Banks was a proud receiver of a Purple Heart after being shot in the leg.  Mr. Banks traveled extensively to many parts of the world.


SPC J. Moore, Airborne Division      US ARMY

Mr. Moore entered the Army in 1976 in the Airborne Division where he became a Chaparral Crewman.  After Mr. Moore went to jump school, Mr. Moore was stationed at Fort Bragg, NC where he was stationed until 1979 where he was Honorably discharged from the Army.


Sgt. 1st Class, D. Peach              US ARMY

Mr. Peach joined the Army in 1964.  He was sent to Vietnam in 1968 where he done two tours of The Demilitarized Zone.  After Vietnam he was stationed in Germany, Panama, Missouri, and Louisiana.  Mr. Peach was a MOS- engineer, which MOS stands for Military Occupational Specialty. Mr. Peach proudly served in the US Army for 23 years and retired in 1987.


PFC J. Robinson           US ARMY

Mr. Robinson was drafted in the US Army in 1943.  He fought in W.W.II, employed as a truck driver.  Mr. Robinson done his basic training at Camp Breckinridge, Kentucky.  he was stationed in France for 1 year.  After the war was over Mr. Robinson was stationed in Denver, Colorado. Mr. Robinson was in the Army for 3 years in the Quarter Master Company.  He was Honorably discharged.  Mr. Robinson also has two sons who are currently in the Army and Air Force.

Staff Sgt. H. Trout       US AIR FORCE

Mr. Trout was raised in Hominy Falls, W. Virginia where it was common for every male, when they turned of age, went to work in the coal mines.  Mr.Trout was one of the first to break that tradition and joined the Air Force during wartime.  He enlisted on July 16, 1951.  His son Tony says he’s sure his dad had dreams of flying around the world and seeing all of the exotic lands that he could only read about in school, but to his surprise, just out of boot camp he was ordered to the North Pole in ” Operation Deep Freeze”.  there for the next two years he saw nothing but snow.  Luckily, Mr. Trout being from W.V. was use to that type of weather.  He was stationed at Donaldson Center Air Force base here in Greenville, SC .  Greenville is where he met his wife, a fiery redhead beauty that he couldn’t resist.  A year later they were married.  he was discharged from the Air Force just one week after his first son was born.  He came home and change one diaper and he must not have liked it because the very next day he re-enlisted back into the Air Force.  He was stationed at Donaldson Center for the next 4 years.  Mr. Trout was discharged from the Air Force with the rank of Staff Sgt. on July 27, 1959; just one month after his second son was born.  Tony says his mother made his Dad stay home this time and catch up on diaper duty!

PFC C. Shows          US MARINES

Mrs. Shows served in the  US Marines for 14 months, there she met her first husband and got married.  When I told her how awesome I thought it was for her to be a Marine, she smiled and said, “I didn’t think much about it, I just did it! “  The words of a true Veteran!!!!!

We here at Active day of Greer salute our Veteran, Past, Present, and Future!!!!  Thank you for your service to our Country!!!!


After the short program, all family were invited to stay for a BBQ lunch and the PGR members gave motorcycle rides!

PFC C. Shows

PFC C. Shows


PFC J. Robinson

PFC J. Robinson


Sgt. 1st Class D. Peach

Sgt. 1st Class D. Peach


Guest of Active Day of Greer

Guest of Active Day of Greer


Sam Beasley taking Debbie for a ride on the motorcycle

Sam Beasley taking Debbie for a ride on the motorcycle

Active Day of Merrillville’s very exciting August Activity Calendar!!!

August 2014 Activity



August Calendar/Lunch Menu/Cover for The Northeast Center


August is quickly upon us!


Get Ready to Go to the Beach and Play in the Sun!


It is time to Tie Dye and spend time with picnics!





Check Out Our Calendar, full of fun theme days and wonderful activities!

DogDays-2August Calendar revised


Our Lunch Menu is full of delicious and nutritious food that your loved one will love!


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Flipflops2 August Lunch Menu



There is always a variety of activities for everyone!


Take a Look at all the Fun things that will be happening this month!


Sunflower-Corners August Cover


Thank You to Everyone Who Participated in the July Fashion Show!!!!!! NE

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